April 11-13, 2014 | San Diego Convention Center

17th Annual Western Health Care Leadership Academy

The 2014 Western Health Care Leadership Academy (formerly the California Health Care Leadership Academy) will be held at the beautiful San Diego Convention Center on April 11-13, 2014.

Featuring a keynote address  by Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, live via satellite teleconference.

Hillary Rodham Clinton served as the 67th U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 until 2013, after nearly four decades in public service. Her "smart power" approach to foreign policy repositioned American diplomacy and development for the 21st century. Clinton played a central role in restoring America’s standing in the world, reasserting the United States as a Pacific power, imposing crippling sanctions on Iran and North Korea, responding to the Arab Awakening and negotiating a ceasefire in the Middle East. Earlier, as First Lady and Senator from New York, she traveled to more than 80 countries as a champion of human rights, democracy and opportunities for women and girls. Clinton also worked to provide health care to millions of children, create jobs and opportunity, and support first responders who risked their lives at Ground Zero. In her historic campaign for President, Clinton won 18 million votes.

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